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Nachman Technologies Ltd, worldwide experienced technical Security Consulting company, include Anti Drone experts, provides consulting for Civilian, Military & Governmental organizations, which are vulnerable for Drones attacks. The services based on real experience, field proven, advanced Technologies of drone detection and neutralization.

In addition, the company provides a full range of comprehensive security systems design, risk analysis, security projects implementation supervision and final acceptance tests.

The Company is working closely with the leading manufacturers of various Anti Drone systems worldwide.

anti drone system
The consulting services include:
  • Risk analysis of the protected site.
  • Specifying the Anti Drone System tailored to the customer's risks and restrictions.
  • Select Anti Drone systems that comply with customer's treats, environment and regulations (Airports etc.)
    • Active or Passive detection, preventing interference with other radiation sources in the protected area.
    • Drones Detecting during severe weather conditions: rain, fog, clouds, hail and snow.
    • Day and night drones verification.
    • Integration of the Anti Drone system with existing security sensors and systems.
    • Comply with local radiation and communication regulations (frequency, transmitting power, bandwidth, etc.)

Anti Drone System Description


While mini and small size drones have been on the market for some time, recent technological advances have dramatically increased these systems' capabilities, enabling them to be used also for hostile intelligence gathering, or to be weaponized. Anti-Drone system include drone detection, verification neutralization systems and it's tailored to meet these challenges and provide an effective protection suite, for vulnerable sites.



The system consists of several sensors, integrated together via a command and control center to provide an integrated solution for detection, identification, decision taking and eventual neutralization of hostile drones.

The detection layer is based on advanced digital RADAR, capable of detecting and tracking the drones. The radar provides the first layer of detection necessary to activate the other parts of the protection suite.

The radar system is the first layer of the system which can detect long range threats.
The radar can track large number of targets simultaneously and can provide classification between ground moving targets, air targets and classified rotary wing flying aircraft. The radar sensor differentiates birds from drones by detecting the blades of the target.

anti drone radar

Detection can also be performed and verified by COMINT system which is capable to detect signals in frequency range of the Drone Command & Control frequencies

anti drone comint

The identification layer comprises of an Electro-Optical system that is used for Drones classification and identification. The Electric Optic system is integrated with the radar and/or COMINT systems.

anti drone electro optical

The Command and Control system enables the operator to make decisions based on the detection and identification (Electro-Optics) layers and operate the Drone neutralization system

anti drone control room

The Drone neutralization layer is the countermeasures against the target. These are activated from the command and control center based on inputs from the first two layers. Countermeasures include directional jamming capability

anti drone jamming

Radar & Comint Drone Detection

anti drone comint detection

Radar Detection & Optical Verification

anti drone radar

fiumicino anti drone radar

anti drone radar

anti drone detection