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NACHMAN-TECH has developed a unique and innovative approach to the support of installation and integration companies, which is aimed at enabling these companies to respond in "short time" to tenders and to carry out integrated security and communication projects.

The Company provides services, assistance and support to installation and integration companies operating worldwide.

In addition, the company provides a full range of comprehensive security systems design, risk analysis, security projects implementation supervision and final acceptance tests.

The Company consists of a team of senior engineers, each with experience of more than 30 years in the design and erection of security and communication systems including the design and implementation of hundreds of complex projects in more than 30 countries worldwide.

The Company is working closely with the leading manufacturers of various security and communication systems worldwide. Many of those systems and products were tested and installed by the Company’s engineers within various projects.

As a result, NACHMAN-TECH has selected a range of products and technologies, which can be tailored to meet the technical criteria and the competitive prices required in the international market. The results of this professional selection are available to NACHMAN-TECH clients.

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