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Homeland Security - Technical Consultants


Law Enforcement
  • Domestic gang-related activity
  • Detect paedophilia
  • Identity theft & fraud
  • Follow-the-money operations
Digital Engagement & Influence
  • Identify key influencers and activists
  • Monitor opposition networks in real-time
  • Organically disseminate messaging
  • Exert soft influence on public opinion
Homeland Security (HLS)
  • Homegrown terror networks
  • Domestic radicalization networks
  • Transportation security threats
  • Sanctions & compliance issues
Cybercrime & Hacktivism
  • Focus technical defenses by sensing in real-time:
    • Who specifically wants to attack you?
    • What are their motives?
    • How are they organized?
    • What tools are at their disposal?
Business Intelligence
  • Corroborate and extend due diligence
  • Execute organic brand analysis
  • Discover organizational leaks